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Lord of the rings online
Section :  Fantastique, medieval
Written for :  MacOs, Windows

This MMORPG inspired by Tolkien's work will immerse you in Middle-earth. You can be a hero against the army of Sauron or embody a monster. This game is played mostly in PVE.

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Section :  Action, jeu de tir, stratégie, futuriste, science
Written for :  Windows

PlanetSide2 is the only massively multiplayer first person shooter. It includes all the codes of the first part: the same three factions displaying the same philosophies - the Terran Republic, New Conglomerate and Vanu Sovereignty - the same ground vehicles or driving the same game mechanics, etc ...

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Aion : The Tower of Eternity
Section :  aventure, fantastique
Written for :  Windows

Playing in a fantasy world or different races fighting in a magical world. The Asmodians and Elyos Balaur fight to impose the rule of a kingdom.

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Les royaumes
Section :  simulation
Creation :  10/2004

Simulation game in which you live and grow in the Middle Ages.

Section :  adventure
Creation :  09/2006

You play as a shinobi in one of three villages in the country Yuukan. The primary objective is to become the best Shinobi. For this there are various ways such as improving its features, buy the best equipment, learn the best jutsus or other actions yet. But other goals you choose according to your wishes.

Section :  simulation
Creation :  06/2006

Alidhan is a role-playing game in a medieval fantasy world. You play a character that you need to make evoluate in the kingdom. Every day you get 120 Action Points for your character to interact with the world around 240 points and mobility to make it move.

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